ERP auditing is the assessment of enterprise resource planning functions to evaluate their efficiency. The aim is to examine how well each ERP component addresses issues and streamlines processes to make enhancements and reinforce the system.

Once the ERP software is implemented, ongoing management and refinement are necessary to ensure it brings measurable benefits to the business. Regular maintenance and auditing after go-live are essential to keep the system delivering the expected results.

Gulf dream IT can assist in recognizing the significant risks and oversight matters associated with ERP systems.

 We provide audits and periodic ERP Audits to address the technical complexities, Reliability, availability of data, flexible configuration, customization, and maintenance of the integrated system. These Audits will assess the Implementation Review, including High Level and essential practices, to ensure optimal support for business needs.

As an ERP company, we understand the importance of conducting regular audits to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ systems. We provide our Audit services in single day, depending on size of business. We are in to the ERP business for over the years and one of the leading ERP service providers.

Our audit Services covers key areas such as:

System configuration and customization, Data quality and integrity, support and maintenance procedures, security and access, controls ,optimization and Integration with other systems By using our audit services, you can get a better understanding of your ERP system's strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance your business operations
Conducting a Business Audit: Examining the processes set up in the modules to guarantee essential supervision is implemented for modules & components in the ERP system.
Review of module features: Examine the features and functions configured in the modules and components to identify any missing elements.
Review of ERP System Security: Ensuring proper configuration of the administrative component and secure system.

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