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Gulf Dream IT has been actively involved in the fields of ERP implementation and consulting services since 2001. Over the years, we have been capable of providing optimized management solutions and ERP services covering business processes such as implementation, consulting, operation & maintenance to domestic as well as overseas enterprise users. is one among the best ERP  consulting companies .Gulf Dream IT consulting services has thrived many companies in succession and achieved their goals.

We also provide technical support round the clock by leveraging a seamless combination of rich project experience and mature industry solutions. By adhering to the philosophy of customer focus and excellence by innovation, we provide users with the best ERP platforms and top-notch services in many layers.

ERP Selection

ERP Selection

ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

ERP Contract Negotiation

ERP Contract Negotiation

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy
ERP Selection ERP Implementation ERP Contract Negotiation Digital Strategy

Finding the right ERP for your Business requires alignment of people, process, and technology which ensure that your organization is choosing the right digital solutions for your business support your strategic vision and integrate into your culture.

ERP software selection is a crucial call for the entire ecosystem of a company. The selection is guided strategically by the Gulf Dream IT team, considering the nuances of the company, going in-depth. The approach is methodological and a well-charted step-by-step process, that will be discussed over and then finalized. The choice is aimed to be in sync with not just the financial goal and managerial process but also align with the company culture.

Implementation requires a comprehensive knowledge of software and Business that is being waived into. We at Gulf Dream IT research the way inside this process with our expertise to ensure smooth and effective implementation.

Implementation starts with planning and architecture and is completed with managing the project. Different teams will be assigned at different levels based on the industry expertise of the team members. This ensures that expertise is brought at every stage of ERP system implementation

The real success of ERP Planning is in smooth and comprehensive Implementation. The team at Gulf Dream IT ensures that the plan is executed in the way it was charted out, aimed at the maximum benefit to the company. As Technology is the strength of Gulf Dream IT, as ERP Consultants, the team would use the ideal technology for implementation

We at Gulf Dreams IT aim at providing its clients with reduced costs and negotiate terms that are beneficial.

The experts at our end decipher your concerns and objectives and then formulate the contract terms. The terms which we help in negotiating are costs of continuity, work requirement terms, execution services, etc.

Businesses are looking for Effective Digital Strategy initiatives to redefine the way they work.

Our team establishes an alignment in business strategy and digital strategy that ensures that the right technology can be implemented in order to bring this alignment. This means that the digital strategy would depend on the business processes like inventory management, supply chain, and organizational structure.

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